Programme of BCT4MAS 2019

Accepted papers will have 20 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for questions.
Moreover, the authors are required to briefly present a final slide introducing the open challenges envisioned.

The workshop will be open by the keynote given by the keynote titled "Some thoughts on Lightweight Blockchain Platform based on Multi-Agent Technology" given by Prof. Park Sooyong.

The workshop will be concluded by a selected panel where the chairs, the presenters and the attendants will summarize the contributions and will discuss the presented open challenges. The envisioned objectives and milestones will then be organized composing a roadmap paper for the future steps in the cross-domain of Blockchain technologies for Multi-Agent Systems.

Schedule of BCT4MAS 2019

    [11.30 - 12.15]
    Keynote: Some thoughts on Lightweight Blockchain Platform based on Multi-Agent Technology
    Abstract: Current existing blockchain platforms require a lot of computing power and storage.
    However, in typical IOT or embedded environment, sensors or embbeded systems do not have enough resources in compare with finance or enterprise applications. In this talk, I would like to share some needs of lightweigh blockchain and thoughts on using agent technology to share a burden of heavy computing requirements even though it is very intial thoughts.
    Speaker: Prof. Park Sooyong
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [12.15 - 12.35]
    Paper: Contesting the Truth - Intentional Forking in BFT-PoS Blockchains
    Authors: Wolf Posdorfer, and Julian Kalinowski
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [12.35 - 12.55]
    Paper: A Startup Assessment Approach based on Multi-Agent and Blockchain Technologies
    Authors: Davide Calvaresi, Ekaterina Voronova, Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Valerio Mattioli, and Michael Schumacher
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [12.55 - 13.15]
    Paper: Integrating Multi-agent Simulations into Enterprise Application Landscapes
    Author: Timotheus Kampik, and Amro Najjar
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [13.30 - 15.00]
    Lunch break

    [15.00 - 15.20]
    Paper: Comparative Analysis of BlockchainTechnologies under a Coordination Perspective
    Authors: Giovanni Ciatto, Michael Bosello, Stefano Mariani, and Andrea Omicini
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [15.20 - 15.40]
    Paper: Multi-Agent Modelling of Fairness for Users and Miners in Blockchains
    Authors: Önder Gürcan
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [15.40 - 16.00]
    Paper: Cross Chain Bribery Contracts: Majority vs Minority But Mighty
    Authors: Quang Tran, Lei Xu, Lin Chen, Yang Lu, and Weidong Shi
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26

    [16.00 - 16.30]
    Activity: Panel discussion and Round Table
    Participants: BCT4MAS Presenters and audience
    Room: P-3, Day: Jun 26