Programme of BCT4MAS 2020

Accepted papers will have 20 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for questions.
Moreover, the authors are required to briefly present a final slide introducing the open challenges envisioned.

The workshop will be open by the keynote given by the keynote titled "To be announced" given by Dr. Alevtina Dubovitskaya.

The workshop will be concluded by a selected panel where the chairs, the presenters and the attendants will summarize the contributions and will discuss the presented open challenges. The envisioned objectives and milestones will then be organized composing a roadmap paper for the future steps in the cross-domain of Blockchain technologies for Multi-Agent Systems..

Schedule of BCT4MAS 2020

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    Keynote: To be announced
    Abstract: --.
    Speaker: Dr. Alevtina Dubovitskaya
    Room: --, Day: --